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Psychological Change

Our mindfulness sections focus on Psychology & Menopause.

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Learn To Love The New You

You'll be able to recognize menopausal changes as they happen.

Our Founder

Dee Murray qualified in the 1990s as an advanced psychotherapist and is recognized as a leading light in human behavior. Her award-winning programs have become known as comprehensive support to women going through hormonal change.

She will tell anyone who will listen how important information and education is, not only for physical wellbeing but perhaps just as important psychologically.

She believes that good mental wellbeing forms the bedrock that supports physical health.

Education prevents feelings of helplessness as Dee explains:

"A close friend of my mother decided to end her life at only 54, after suffering severe bouts of depression and anxiety associated with menopause.

The suicide rate in women's midlife has been increasing over the last few decades, so I decided when I experienced perimenopause myself, to bring about change to 'the change' and remove the stigma and taboo that is now seen as old-fashioned.

Education allows women to feel uplifted, empowered, and more confident once they know what is happening biologically and psychologically."

What do we cover during training?

We believe in making things as simple as they can be. So with that in mind, we have tried not to use too many clinical words or expressions, however, it is important that you understand quite a bit about the biology of the female body.

Once you understand what is happening, everything else falls into place. You'll discover what estrogen is, why we need it, and how many other hormones contribute to our health like progesterone, and even testosterone!

We also investigate the pros and cons of HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) and other ways to best manage symptoms, through diet and lifestyle as well as clinical intervention where needed. In some cases both natural remedies and/or HRT are appropriate. However, many women cannot (for a variety of reasons) have HRT.

You can comment and ask questions for us to see, and we will attempt to help wherever we can by responding at the bottom of each page. 

You will learn about what happens within the brain during perimenopause (the lead-up to not having periods any longer). PLUS We include information on exactly what the three stages of menopause are, and how you can better understand where you are in the menopause journey.

Why not set up your own group, with friends or colleagues and discover the training together?

We firmly believe that everyone whether female or male would benefit from our training. It will encourage empathy and build better relationships. Menopause affects all women and can have huge negative impacts both at home and at work. All this can change if you just take the initiative to learn more. Together we can abolish those old-fashioned opinions about us all being mad old women! 

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